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"While listening ti this I imagine myself slowly walking through a luminous jungle at night that reals away into a path with every step I take. A place that seems super creepy and scary at first. But is actually a whimsical, inviting and fun place." - KIDS WHO EAT PASTE

"This is totally quirky and left of centre....I want to hear the whole thing!" -- OUTRAGEOUS

"A captivating and highly entertaining well-crafted AI collection of stories... perfect mix of excitement, scary, full of thrills, excitement and suspense." -- CHINNIE N.

"The Hippodrome in London is the perfect setting for the aristocratic atmosphere of 1912 with a fictional date of February 30;, however, it is easy for the listener to separate fiction from reality with rich storytelling and overtones of theatrical eccentricities rare in the music world." -- EVANGELINE W.

"a listening experience for those who are looking to relate to an introspective glance into the workings of the human heart." - EVANGELINE W.

"Ingenious and intricate, Author Matthew Chenoweth Wright's 'Alphabetical Verse' is more than afigurative title or allusion. Demonstrating his ability to be thoughtful, inventive, and creative, he organizes and categorizes an assortment of diverse poems by title, alphabetically, excluding some, and makes his wordS deep enough to dive into, like an iridescent ocean of life flowing with the various colors and elements of our world..."

February 30 1912: eNuminous & Archimedes LIVE! at The Hippodrome, London

the Dancing Penguins, and Other Stories

Alphabetical Verse

O Captain!

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The Dancing Penguins and Other Stories: A Collaboration with Artificial Intelligences

david I., Professional Reviewer:

I could tell that the short story “Henry, The Cat Hero” was written by a machine. It felt programmed to me and lacked emotions any writer to me should be able to project in their writing. I also think the main story “The Dancing Penguin” and “Luma Est” are written partly by AI. “You Are the Void”, “Home with Mom”, “Library of God's Rejections Slips” and “The Dancing Penguin II” for me are written by AI too. At some points, I tried to make sense of some words used and some sentences. The imageries created in some of the stories I believe are written by the AI are not so clear and quite conflicting at some points. Especially the first story “You Are the Void” that speaks of a character dying and resurrecting and dying again. I didn’t quite find the twist and turns and play on words really captivating to be that of an author. It also felt more like poetry than a short story.

An example of lines I felt made me believe Human wrote the parts I think are written by Human:

You relent: “You're correct. I didn't tell you the name I came upon for you earlier before I switched you on. After you came to life, I named you 'Dr. Manhattan Two' after myself, the original. So we don't get confused. If I held up a mirror to your captive face,you would see my own face staring back at you, as you are acomplete mirror copy of me in every way, except you are my captive and I am your creator. Do you have any last words, or do you need time to come up with some for when you eventually will be unable to speak?" (Excerpt from "RUN #387." I believe this story to be written fully or almost fully by Human)

Some examples of lines I felt were written by machine:

After all four of you are seated at the table, he deals 5 cards face down to everyone and says, "Stud poker, every card but 2 is a wild card, no peeking." (Excerpt from “Home with Mom”)

You hear a gunshot and feel a bullet go through your back. You do not die immediately. You feel the kick of each heartbeat and struggle to stay conscious long enough to bleed to death.You die 2 days later in the desert.You bury yourself with the shovel you brought along for that purpose. (Excerpt from “You are the Void”)

[Matthew's Note: this reviewer actually failed the turing test, which means the ai won the turing test. he failed to accurately differentiate between human and ai.]

Chinnie n., professional reviewer:

An amazing collection of outstanding stories. The Dancing Penguins, and Other Stories is a captivating and highly entertaining well-crafted AI collection of stories. The stories are perfect mix of excitement, scary, full of thrills, excitement and suspense. An amazing application of Artificial Intelligence. You definitely want to see for yourself

It is truly an ingenious suspense filled read. It completely took my attention right from the first chapter. I found it so intriguing that I couldn’t let go until I completed the entire book. The book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as you journey through the pages, chapters and stories.

The other thing I love about the book is it's simplicity and the professional formatting. It is easy to understand, vivid and clear. You almost feel as though you are in the book.

I highly recommend this outstanding work. It is worth much more than it is priced. I can’t wait to read more of your books.

February 30 1912: enuminous & archimedes live! at the hippodrome, london

Evangeline W., professional reviewer:

February 30 1912: eNuminous & Archimedes LIVE at The Hippodrome, London by experimental artist Matthew Chenoweth Wright and co-collaborators is an eclectic concept album with a unique story from start to finish.

This music project utilizes internet connections and audience participation to set the listener on a wild ride through time and space with moody tunes and an electric atmosphere.

This artistic album explores the concepts of time travel to bring the future to the past, much to the confusion of attendees at a 1912 opera hall with the appearance of "monstrous" musicians including guest spots by percussionist Miss Kenya and other misfit artists for an explosive sound.

At times solemn and overall enjoyable, February 30 1912 plays through like a science fiction movie with talented overtones and musical animation that deserves multiple plays to complete the story.

Standout songs such as "Hemoglobin" and "Live to Try Again" are just a few of the many tracks that showcase Wright and friends' musical talents and ear for oddities.

The Hippodrome in London is the perfect setting for the aristocratic atmosphere of 1912 with a fictional date of February 30;, however, it is easy for the listener to separate fiction from reality with rich storytelling and overtones of theatrical eccentricities rare in the music world.

Ultimately, the goal of Matthew Chenoweth Wright and eNuminous & Archimedes is to entertain an audience regardless of their initial reaction or the final endgame after a devilish live performance.

Curious audiences need to approach February 30 1912 with an open ear and a mind for imagination to take them on a fantastical adventure without a single dull moment during their journey.

Let your mind interpret the concept and take your own spot in a time machine from the future to be ultimately zapped into the music.

O Captain!

Evangeline W., professional reviewer:

O Captain! by eNuminous & Archimedes is a spellbinding 2020 release from experimental artist Matthew Chenoweth Wright to appeal to listeners who are looking for unique and hypnotic sounds. Signature to eNuminous & Archimedes' futuristic appeal with elements of noise and theatrical details, this space age love story tells a tale as old as time with a blast into an eternal future.

Animated tracks such as "A Flash of Light Dancers - Brain Teasers" with additional talented artist Kenya Mitchell features upbeat rhythms and energetic emotions from the music collective. As O Captain! progresses throughout the record, more melancholy moods seem to appear in songs including "Wright Brothers Jazz."

According to the artist, O Captain! is an homage to his long-term partner and a tribute to their love that inspires him after her passing. Three-quarters of the way through the record, listeners may be able to feel the healing of Matthew through eclectic tracks including "Radical Peace Fundamentalism Society of the Illustrated Unicorn Stampede" as he experiments with sound to turn his grief into creativity.

Moving and monumental, O Captain! creates a listening experience for those who are looking to relate to an introspective glance into the workings of the human heart. This record is for those who are searching to persevere through a tragedy while also preserving the memory and melody of their greatest love.

The work of eNuminous & Archimedes is always an artistic odyssey into the psyche of individual experiences to intertwine the creative minds of the universe with an intricate discography and a beautiful expression of turbulence and tenderness. This artistic and amorous album ends beautifully with a reading of "O Captain!" by poet Walt Whitman to tie the story together and encourage others to find a voice in the arts, especially when one feels lost at sea looking for a lifeboat to drift to shore.

Writ & Corpuscle (Five Lives of God)

Evangeline w., professional reviewer:

Writ & Corpuscle (Five Lives of God) by eNuminous & Archimedes explores the depth of the human mind with intricate and original melodies for listeners searching for a unique sound. Primary artist Matthew Wright demonstrates his true talent with a nod to the sounds of the 1980s to include hits such as "The Chauffeur", a cover by THE legendary Duran Duran with an original spin on the seminal track.

From start to finish, Writ & Corpuscle (Five Lives of God) explores the theory and practice of Dadaism and existentialism to allow the listener to make up their own mind about the true meaning of the music. As opposed to a few other experimental albums by eNuminous & Archimedes, this record includes vocal driven songs with powerful lyrics that match to its intense instrumentals.

Writ and Corpsucle is a definitive piece from the collective of eNuminous & Archimedes that demonstrates raw music talent and an atmosphere of trials and tones that is not deserving of any regular radio airwaves. This record is meant for musicians to delve into deeper drama to create a concept album of their own by obtaining pure inspiration.

Standout singles also include "Silentcat Heartbomb" with a hard-hitting message of love and lust, as well as deception and dedication. Writ and Corpscule is an album meant to be intricately interpreted by the listener to find their own feelings and resonate on a reflection that is absolutely intended for personal interpretation. Vast and vague tones seamlessly transmit through this experimental record that requires repeat listening to find something new in every note.

swamp bell aardvarking

evangeline w., professional reviewer:

Swamp Bell Aardvarking delves into the mind of experimental act eNuminous & Archimedes to tell a thrilling story that can only be interpreted in the listener's own ear drums and brainwaves. At times grungy and otherwise unpolished, this record brings melodies to new life for fans of expressionistic music.

Standout tracks such as "Abolish The Draft" and "Floating Laughter of the Harlequin's Anti-Gravity Dreams" demonstrate the diversity of the artist with elements of garage rock and electronica to piece together an album unlike any other. Chaotic energy resonates through Swamp Bell Aardvarking in all the right ways with lead Matthew Wright conducting the stage as the main composer.

Swamp Bell Aardvarking is a heavier demonstration of Matthew and eNuminous & Archimedes' raw talent with no need for mainstream approval. Listeners who are new to this experimental type of tunes only need to open their senses and find their own individual sense and opinion in each and every track of the album.

Each note of every individual noise brings to mind a new concept ranging from science fiction influences such as "The Twilight Zone" and more modern inspiration on an improvisational level. One can appreciate the intricate instrumentals and clever craftsmanship to make up their own mind about this album and the entirety of the eNuminous & Archimedes catalogue of music.

One doesn't need to be a professional musician to enjoy this intricate album; only an open mind can unlock individual feelings and the listener's own interpretation. Listeners who are looking to expand their musical library need look no further than Swamp Bell Aardvaking and the works of eNuminous & Archimedes.

it's not music for sane persons

evangeline w., Professional reviewer:

Listeners of eclectic and ambient music with an ear for unique sounds and poetry, rejoice! It's Not Music For Sane Persons by Enuminous & Archimedes showcases musician Matthew Wright's artistic vision with a complete album that requires an equally observant mind. Spoken word and intricate instrumentals blend this record together with a harmonic feel that transports the listener through eons of mythology and literature.

True to the artist's signature sound, Matthew lends his voice and lyrics that ignites the senses for an album that deserves to be played on repeat to uncover every detail. Standout tracks such as "Scarab Burns Lucid" brings to mind an erratic but conscious stream of thought for those who yearn to seek out their own inspiration. "Wordhunt" is a peculiar upbeat melody and features rhythm poetry as well as a individual appeal with a hidden meaning just searching to be found.

It's Not Music For Sane Persons is the second album by Enuminous & Archimedes with a soulful selection of songs that defy mainstream music in an intentional manner. Vague yet familiar to the heart and, this haunting record explores new concepts from the artist's unique mind and includes an unexpected flow from one track to the next with interludes and complete tracks alike.

It's Not Music For Sane Persons is not an album meant for listeners of radio rock. However, those with a keen sense of observation and an open mind will truly enjoy stepping into a world unlike their own as this album explores gods and monsters, self discovery and acceptance, music and mayhem. This record is meant for the misfits of society and those "not sane" to research their different creative abilities and a meaning of their personal existence, regardless of where the journey takes them. Matthew proves his talent as an individual artist to whomever is looking for their message to ring true through their own design.

unprecedented chutzpah

evangeline w., Professional reviewer:

In case you don't watch the news and follow the media bias, Unprecedented Chutzpah "An Album of Protest Music" by eNuminous & Archimedes is a record to inform you about what you've been missing out on and preferably for the better. This rhythmic record lets the listener establish their own opinions while keeping a conscious mind and a message about individualism.

Not one to shy away from personal reflections, artist and composer Matthew Wright created this long range album during the long reign of "President" Trump's career. Tracks such as "Swan" and "Spinning The Fantastic Angel By The Wings" demonstrate the frenzy of the Trump era to anyone who also felt confusion and an undying hope for the future.

Unprecedented Chutzpah "An Album of Protest Music" lends an ear for those who need one. This album speaks to the listener looking to turn their internal chaos into creativity. As always, Matthew presents his original instrumentals with gusto to preferably perform loud on the city streets during a protest rally from the start to the finish of the record.

eNuminous & Archimedes have never been an act for a reviewer to compare to mainstream media. However, the artist maintains his composure to the individualistic sound with electronic explosions and various tempos that relate with each new melody. Songs including "Strangeweirdthing" exhibit the frantic energy of uncertainty to tie every track together in a manic method that resonates for creators with confusion and continuity.

Unprecedented Chutzpah "An Album of Protest Music" is a gritty album with a clean sound to recognize the world during the era of reality shows coming to life before our own eyes. Unlike the years during Trump's presidency, this is a record that needs to be experienced and observed. Seeing isn't always believing; listening and interpretation is up to one's own mind, which is what eNuminous & Archimedes is known for with a peripheral vision towards a more progressive future.

Sounds Calliope Makes Standing in the Rain

evangeline w., professional reviewer:

Sounds Calliope Makes Standing in the Rain is another expressive album by eNuminous & Archimedes with emotive lyrics and eccentric sounds from artist, Matthew Wright. From the passionate poem "Calliope (The Rose Race)" which starts off the album to the frenzied "Levee Dub," this 2018 record blurs the line from meditation to explosion for listeners who gravitate towards experimental music.

Keen ears are destined to pick up literature and mythology references as per the artist's trademark with spoken word aspects and a wild range of instrumental appeal. At times moody and melancholy, otherwise a descent into delirium, the overall flow of Sounds Calliope Makes Standing In The Rain resonates to music fans who prefer to reflect on their own interpretations of the words.

This album explodes with the final song, "Smab Dack (Coastline and the Highwater Mark Dub) [H.S.T. Remix]" a Gonzo-inspired track about greed and corruption. Wright proves his poetry prowess with both the opening and closing song of this album that make every melody in between both contrasting and conscious.

"Lilac Villiage" is a track with Matthew's individual voice and symphonic sounds that carry a frenzied song from beginning to the end with musical melodies that stand out from the rest. In addition, "Solar Surfing" is phenomenal addition to the album with a high paced melody and samples that bring to mind a certain buzz that influences the listener and creates a mindset that cannot be compared.

Lyrical attributes from eNuminous & Archimedes defy the norms of mainstream media. Each note is influential with attention to lyrical details that express the range of euphoria to depression to influence manic inspiration. Sounds Calliope Makes Standing in The Rain stands true to any era; this expression of time and space creates a new world for the listener looking for a creative mindset.