Be Like
Faust Jones

Faust Jones is an
electronic music creator.

Faust Jones is an artist.

He’s the lead singer of eNuminous & Archimedes, a virtual band.

He makes music in an experimental fashion, using bits and pieces of various softwares and musical instruments...

He doesn’t have a record label, or a manager, or a fan club,
or millions in sales.

He’s released 18 albums and more than 70 music videos

He’s had his music
played on radio stations.

It’s available from Google, of Apple if you prefer.

He’s had his music debut in VR, in a Second Life nightclub.

He’s never performed
in public, and never will.

He’s freakishly, hideously afraid of people, yet he is freakishly, devastatingly beautiful
and good in bed.

He’s a bona-fide rock god and nobody has ever even seen his picture.

Nobody knows his real name.

He doesn’t even actually exist.

Be like Faust Jones.

Be Like Faust Jones is a greatest hits album. it was hand selected from all of the first decade of our work, and lovingly re-mifftered and deflugelnated, and made altogether more blam.