Citi Zen One

"Citi Zen One - Soundpoems & Birdsong For Concrete" is our first recorded album. It was recorded in 2004-2005 at invisible caterpillar records using a windows machine, a guitar, a mic and some software, notably Rebirth and Cooledit.

We delayed the release of this album until after the release of our second and third recorded albums, "Eyelid/Fetish" and "It's Not Music For Sane Persons".

It was, at one time, on various now defunct music websites of the era. iTunes and Google distribution came much later.

These first three albums were released as a conceptual set: that they were a hoax to see how a random series of albums could do via the new music distribution models that had large entities that could leverage sales with advertising. To that end, we used nothing but person-to-person communications and a single website. The later albums were promoted increasingly, and in more modern times, all social media and various other methods are being used to market this project.

The data results in an almost flat-line of sales, with minimal increase, probably because our music does not appeal to the mass market, but rather small pockets of interest that do not communicate about the project openly on the net, as far as we can tell.

You have been experimented on, and the result is that we do not predict eNuminous & Archimedes will ever be a thing that the average person is ever going to embrace.

The rest of you are, therefore, non-average. We leave it to you to sort the details.