February 30 1912:eNuminous & Archimedes


at The Hippodrome, London

Please rest assured that all of the audience found new homes in the future and no time displacement errors occurred during the temporal transition, with the exception of the janitor. i am sorry to report that he was committed to a sanitarium for his silence, but he is doing well and has a productive life. our research indicates that the fellow was without child, historically.

the new species of venomous butterfly now invading brazil is purely coincidental.

The Reviews are IN!

Evangeline W., professional reviewer:

February 30 1912: eNuminous & Archimedes LIVE at The Hippodrome, London by experimental artist Matthew Chenoweth Wright and co-collaborators is an eclectic concept album with a unique story from start to finish.

This music project utilizes internet connections and audience participation to set the listener on a wild ride through time and space with moody tunes and an electric atmosphere.

This artistic album explores the concepts of time travel to bring the future to the past, much to the confusion of attendees at a 1912 opera hall with the appearance of "monstrous" musicians including guest spots by percussionist Miss Kenya and other misfit artists for an explosive sound.

At times solemn and overall enjoyable, February 30 1912 plays through like a science fiction movie with talented overtones and musical animation that deserves multiple plays to complete the story.

Standout songs such as "Hemoglobin" and "Live to Try Again" are just a few of the many tracks that showcase Wright and friends' musical talents and ear for oddities.

The Hippodrome in London is the perfect setting for the aristocratic atmosphere of 1912 with a fictional date of February 30;, however, it is easy for the listener to separate fiction from reality with rich storytelling and overtones of theatrical eccentricities rare in the music world.

Ultimately, the goal of Matthew Chenoweth Wright and eNuminous & Archimedes is to entertain an audience regardless of their initial reaction or the final endgame after a devilish live performance.

Curious audiences need to approach February 30 1912 with an open ear and a mind for imagination to take them on a fantastical adventure without a single dull moment during their journey.

Let your mind interpret the concept and take your own spot in a time machine from the future to be ultimately zapped into the music.