O Captain!

O Captain is the 17th eNuminous & Archimedes album, dedicated to my late wife Jennifer Helene Walker, who passed on december 3, 2019. she was the greatest person i ever met and i will miss her always.

this album is about loss, and is further dedicated to the healthcare professionals on the front lines during the covid 19 crisis.

vote for life.

The Reviews are IN!

Evangeline W., professional reviewer:

O Captain! by eNuminous & Archimedes is a spellbinding 2020 release from experimental artist Matthew Chenoweth Wright to appeal to listeners who are looking for unique and hypnotic sounds. Signature to eNuminous & Archimedes' futuristic appeal with elements of noise and theatrical details, this space age love story tells a tale as old as time with a blast into an eternal future.

Animated tracks such as "A Flash of Light Dancers - Brain Teasers" with additional talented artist Kenya Mitchell features upbeat rhythms and energetic emotions from the music collective. As O Captain! progresses throughout the record, more melancholy moods seem to appear in songs including "Wright Brothers Jazz."

According to the artist, O Captain! is an homage to his long-term partner and a tribute to their love that inspires him after her passing. Three-quarters of the way through the record, listeners may be able to feel the healing of Matthew through eclectic tracks including "Radical Peace Fundamentalism Society of the Illustrated Unicorn Stampede" as he experiments with sound to turn his grief into creativity.

Moving and monumental, O Captain! creates a listening experience for those who are looking to relate to an introspective glance into the workings of the human heart. This record is for those who are searching to persevere through a tragedy while also preserving the memory and melody of their greatest love.

The work of eNuminous & Archimedes is always an artistic odyssey into the psyche of individual experiences to intertwine the creative minds of the universe with an intricate discography and a beautiful expression of turbulence and tenderness. This artistic and amorous album ends beautifully with a reading of "O Captain!" by poet Walt Whitman to tie the story together and encourage others to find a voice in the arts, especially when one feels lost at sea looking for a lifeboat to drift to shore.